More to be achieved

Muscat: The declaration of Omani Women’s Day has been an inspiration for women in Oman.

Noura Salim Subaa al Majarafi, Goal Development Coach at PDO, who was previously Reservoir Engineer reflects, “It empowered me to work harder towards achieving my life and work goals, knowing that women are being recognised.”

While there have been advancements in the opportunities for women and the nation has seen many success stories there are still areas for development that are yet to be explored.

“I would like to see women holding higher technical positions in the oil and gas industry.  Their strength really shines through their ability to be compassionate and carry a sense of humility that drives their success,” said Noura.

The strength of a woman is to be happy and know what it takes to make her own happiness, she said adding, “A woman has the ability to spread positivity and lift others up.  She has the ability to stand up for what is right and share her opinions.  Being a woman is being confident and knowing her value.”

The challenge being, “The task is to find the work – life balance and coping with life and work fears and failures,” she pointed out.