More students opting for studies abroad

The number of Omani students opting to pursue higher studies abroad has witnessed steady rise in the recent past, according to leading universities from across the continents.
“The response from the Omani students, comprising girls and boys, was overwhelming and the number of students opting for higher studies is ever increasing”, said Amani Gharib from Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB).
She was speaking at the IDP Study Abroad Seminar with participation from more than 70 renowned universities, colleges and pathway providers from Australia, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
“This trend (of youngsters preferring foreign lands to pursue their higher education) is a clear indication that the country is highly supportive to youngsters to carve a niche for themselves in life”, Amani said.
She represented QUB which has an agreement with Oman’s Ministry of Health and trained 35 medical professionals so far.
“We have been participating in the education fair since 2010 and could meet the educational needs of Omani youngsters at par with the Victorian universities”, Angela from Daikin University said.
“The demand for higher education abroad has always been on a steady growth and we have 60 Omani students part of our 200 plus GCC student database”, Angela added.
“Studying abroad is a life-changing experience that offers a wide range of personal and professional benefits for students. That’s why the IDP Seminar has become a great platform for students seeking international education.
It’s the place where the students and their parents are educated and informed about the choices they can make to secure a bright career and a better future”, said Kala Rao, Country Manager of IDP Study Abroad.
The seminar had over 20 universities from Australia including the Go8 group of universities.