More manpower ministry services made online

Muscat: The Ministry of Manpower moves into digital technology with its E-portal offering more services that provide individuals and businesses direct access to various applications. Users do not have to go to Sanad Services Centres as they are given two options — to use their identity card (by default) or by using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enabled mobile SIM card.

There is a requirement of PKI, as the Ministry of Manpower is using this as the security tool used to ensure that users are accessing through secured channels. The portal has services for enterprises (provides for companies and private sector institutions) and personnel services (services for citizens and job seekers).

Prior to its launch before Eid holidays, the services were put to a screening process by certified entities to ensure smooth operation. The portal is now fully operational. With this development, the public does not have to approach the ministry or Sanad Services Centres for the process of their required services.

This is part of the transformation of Ministry of Manpower toward e-government, an initiative led by Information Technology Authority. Ibrahim al Wardi, Acting Director General of E Services Division, ITA said, “The Ministry of Manpower until now had semi electronic services.  Now it has a new fully automated system with advanced features for the benefit of the businesses and individuals.”

The online easy services meet the objective of the ministry wanting to provide full cycle services integrated with other entities like the Royal Oman Police and the Ministry of Health.

“It takes time to accept new culture so we are considering multiple channels as there would be people who might need assistance initially. The Sanad Services Centres and manpower branches in the region have gone through the training,” he added.

Mahmood al Dughaishi, CEO Sanad Services Centres, Golden Lines Trading, said, “Sanad would still have to process medical certificates for expatriates in addition to the residence card procedures. We also spend time in training and guiding others to use the services on portal.”

The new services available online include work permit requested by businesses as well as by individuals, non-Omani manpower services, cancellation of work permits and in the future residence card as well but it would require more integration of concerned authorities.

There are options to access information for Activity/ Occupation Forbiddance, Desertion Advertisements, Requesting clearance for private training institutions, salary information file specification, Directory of standard industrial classification of all economic activities and directory of standard Arab Gulf Occupational Guide and much more.