Momo: Celebrating one of South Asia’s favourite streetfood

They come either fried or steamed with dipping sauce like chutney or as simple as garlic soy sauce. It is believed that the Tibetans introduced them to the world during the country’s diaspora and because it is a simple dish to prepare and can be customised in many different ways, it become one of South Asia’s celebrated street foods.
Whether you travel to Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal or India, momo is something that people easily recognize. The rest of the world have their versions: xiao mian for the Chinese, buuz for the Mongolians, gyoza for the Japanese and Mandu for the Koreans.
In Oman, momo is also a celebrated dish and is rising in popularity among expats. Made of simple white flour dough, it can be prepared either vegetarian or with meat.
To introduce Oman to the streetfood of South Asia and make them fall in love with this dish, different establishments in the country are making their small efforts to include momo or dumplings in their menu.
Local restaraeur Waqquas Akhtar who introduced Momo Festival last year said that they’ve made October 2 to 11 the Momos Festival 2.0
“Momos are very easy to customised. You can have butter chicken, palak paneer, kung pao, and for my team, we customised Royal Momos which came with creamy cashew and rezala and Green Thai curry,” he said.
He added that the momos great taste comes from fresh ingredients.
Dhanitri Pai who visited The Famous Kathi Roll where the Momos Festival is happening shared on social media that she went to see the gorgeous feast as itt brings the best of two cuisines together in one dish.
Trevor Sad, another foodie also said that Momos Festival makes one wonder what to choose as there are many delectable choices.