MoE launches framework for data sharing

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Education, represented by the Directorate-General of Information Technology, launched on Tuesday the general framework for sharing of statistical data on the Sultanate of Oman Educational Portal. The launching ceremony took place at the ministry’s headquarters under the auspices of Saud al Balushi, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Education for Educational Planning and Human Resources Development.
The framework aims to make the educational portal more reliable as a unified source to provide a complete and cohesive database that serves all parties in the ministry. It also aims to provide a working mechanism that eases the process of data sharing between different units in the ministry. Another aim for the framework is to improve the educational process, and to create a linking mechanism between the main data producers and the central authority responsible for providing statistical data.
The launching ceremony started with a visual presentation on the procedural steps taken to prepare the general framework for sharing statistical data. The undersecretary then launched the general framework for data flow.
Salim al Ameri, from Educational Statistics Department, presented a paper on the content of the framework and dealt with the overall objectives and importance of the framework. The paper also touched upon the development of the data collection process, in addition to the beneficiaries of the framework, the divisions directly related to the framework, and reviewed the schemes of the statistical data sharing mechanism and the functions of each body concerned in the process of data collection.
“Information is one of the most important resources on which modern life depends on all fields, and educational information is connected directly to human development, which is aimed at comprehensive development plans in all countries regardless of the different degrees of progress and growth,” said Saud al Balushi.
He added: “The Ministry of Education has started establishing a unified and accurate database through the Educational Portal to be the reference for all the statistical data related to the ministry in order to provide accurate statistical system capable of keeping pace with modern educational developments with flexibility and efficiency.
“The ministry also sought to create a database that is capable of providing most of the statistical data on education, including data on schools, students, administration staff, technicians, teachers and users; their qualifications, experience, specialties, job descriptions and other staff related data”.
Fathiya al Saadia, Assistant Director-General for Information Technology and Head of the framework team, said: “The importance of the framework stems from several components, including statistical data help planners in making decisions, and complete the joint work between the Directorate-General in the governorates.