Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources visits South Al Batinah

Muscat, June 17 – Ahmed bin Abdullah al Shuhi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, on Monday made a visit to the Governorate of South Al Batinah during which he met with Shaikh Hilal bin Said al Hajri, Governor of South Al Batinah, and the members of the Municipal Council. The meeting discussed several topics related to municipal and water affairs, the municipal councils’ roles and remits vis-à-vis development and ways of addressing some problems facing the citizens including pavement of internal roads, the implementation of the remaining packages of existing road projects.
The members of the municipal council requested a study on ground wells with the aim of increasing ground water. They also underscored the importance of benefiting from treated waste water in the irrigation of public parks and green landscapes.
The Municipal Council members’ called on the minister to speed up the construction of wadi crossings in accordance to the report prepared by the council and presented to the minister earlier while other members requested the minister to revise the fees against some municipal services.
The minister listened to all the demand and directed the ministry’s under-secretaries to take these demands into consideration according to the ministry’s resources.
The minister also met with Shaikh Ali bin Jabr al Abri, Deputy Wali of Al Rustaq.
During the visit, Al Shuhi inspected the workflow at the projects in South Al Batinah with a view to improving the services rendered to the public. The minister stressed the importance of the slaughterhouses and their role in providing a healthy environment. He called on the officials to make more efforts to improve the services.