Migratory birds find sanctuary in Oman

PHOTOS BY Shehan Mcgrath –

Oman stands at the crossroads of four distinct regions – Asia, Arabia, Africa and Europe — and as such, is on the migratory path of several species of birds that travel southwards seeking a warmer climate during the northern winters, and reverse their patterns when winter comes to the southern hemisphere.
Several species have been recorded in Oman, the majority being migrants travelling seasonally between northern Asia, with some as far north as Northern Europe where wadis and lagoons and wetlands form along the coast, acting as a focal point for wildlife, especially birds.
There are a lot of good birding sites in every region of the country. The coastal lagoons and wetlands offer perfect spots for wintering and migrating water birds, one can find raptors and other smaller birds.
Some of the more spectacular birds to frequent Oman include the stately lesser flamingo, colourful ducks, storks, stilts, plovers, sandpipers, egrets, herons, the glossy ibis and many more.
While Dhofar, Al Wusta and Al Sharqiyah may receive millions of these avian visitors yearly, Muscat is also a good spot for birdwatchers. These photos were taken in different places in Muscat showcasing the diversity of the avian life in the capital.