Message of hope and love

One night, a stargazing couple saw a falling star which inspired the Italian art duo to create a remake of a worldwide famous Italian song.

This was the best moment for Lucia Oliva to launch a musical video during lockdown from their studio in Qantab.

She recently completed a unique concept of art while the song is a reflection of her passion for writing poems. This touching musical project gathered love from different corners of the world.

Volare means ‘In the blue-painted blue (sky)’, a song recorded by famous Italian singer-songwriter the late Domenico Modugno.
The song was spreading a message of faith, hope, peace and brotherhood to lift souls during this difficult pandemic period.

In a short time, this multi-artist multi location ensemble came together as friends from the four corners of the world and happily agreed to sing together from as far as the US to the Sultanate including Japan, India, the UAE, Jordan and Italy.

Luca, her husband, took care of editing.

Lucia says it turned out to be a wonderful experience of brotherhood that brought together musicians and singers of different cultures and beliefs who did not know each other.

“Moreover, top professionals happily cooperated without rivalry among them or lack of respect for amateurs,” she adds.
This musical video experience occurred while Lucia was creating In front of the open window, a new piece that evokes a poetic vision of hope.

The story of the song was introduced mentioning another artwork Lucia was creating during the same time as this one too was connected to the origin of the song and conveys the same message of hope.

The music was played by celebrated maestro Francesco Gardella, Indo fusion violinist-cum-vocalist Sunita Bhuyan and Andrea Vulpani at the piano, acclaimed tenor Davide Piaggio, American pop-star Joe Sopala and the fairytale mythology Japanese singer Eko Tumi played duets and trios with enthusiast amateurs.

Representing the Sultanate was famous fitness trainer and handstander Fahad al Abri who quickly learned to manage the tough Italian verses.

All the artists felt it was an incredible challenge and an enriching experience for all.

Sunita from Mumbai says that music heals, unites and is universal.

“We have to keep our craft going amidst all the suffering and pain the world is going through,” she adds.

“I am very sick and my voice disappeared… I fear I got COVID-19 andwaiting for the test,” wrote Eko from Tokyo. The test was negative and in one week her angelic voice came back sweeter than before.

Pop song writer Joe from the US, who was at the same time working on his new song Be a light, recollects: “It was an exciting experience recording the new version of Volare while I was finishing the last details of my new video. So different in style but so similar in the message they conveyed.”

“And no one can imagine the strength of one of the artists who had to go through his father’s death precisely in those days. He informed us only when the project was uploaded,” confide Luca and Lucia.

While some artists had to repeat performances because “due to home recordings, many pets and outdoor animals interfered and looked like they wanted to join the show but unfortunately were not mentioned in the score!”

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