Mercury levels to come down

Muscat, Feb 4 – Temperature is expected to dip in the Sultanate, especially in the mountainous areas, says the Met Office. There is also a slight chance of rain. The weather expert said: “The North West wind will keep the temperature cool. It’s a trough, but there is a rare chance of rain because there is no humidity.” The wind blows from the desert area from the direction of Saudi Arabia. Clear to partly cloudy skies are expected over the northern governorates with chances of isolated rain. Mainly clear skies are likely over rest of the Sultanate with chances of low-level clouds during late night to morning over Al Buraimi, Al Wusta and Al Dhahirah governorates.

There is a chance of a dust storm over Al Wusta and Dhofar. The Met Office has cautioned against low visibility during the dust storm. It has warned against low visibility due to the low-level clouds or fog patches’ formation during late night to early morning in Al Buraimi, Al Dhahirah and South Al Sharqiyah. Sea conditions are expected to be moderate to rough along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea with a maximum wave height ranging from two to three metres. In the rest of the coasts, waves are likely to reach a maximum height of one metre.