MBPS wins ‘Best HR Transformation and Change Management Strategy’ award

As part of its onward march towards providing the best environment for employees during times of change, MB Petroleum Services (MBPS), a subsidiary of MB Holding Company, has been given the ‘Best HR Transformation and Change Management Strategy’ award at the level of competing companies from the Middle East.
This came during the 2019 Future Workplace Awards Conference at the Human Resource Summit and Expo in Dubai, where 150 companies competed against one another in 18 categories to prove that they have a workplace worthy of the future developments in the business world.
MBPS values a strategy that puts people first during times of change. During shifting conditions, the company is able to view challenges as opportunities instead and constantly strives towards providing the best possible environment for its employees.
Salim al Harthy, the CEO of the company, said about MBPS’s care for its employees: “A company must be able to give its employees a workplace where they can innovate and maximise performance while remaining healthy and happy, and it must have a plan for dealing with times of change. This is something that we strive for.
“I am extremely pleased with MBPS being chosen from among 150 companies to have the best HR transformation strategies. This means in times of change, we can still thrive,” he added.
The award ceremony took place on November 5, 2019 at the Pallazzo Versace in Dubai, where over 20 expert judges decided on which companies have the best workplace environments in the Middle East. The award came as part of the Human Resource Summit and Expo.