Many wilayats receive rains, more expected

MUSCAT: A number of wilayats experienced heavy rains and strong wind during the past couple of days uprooting trees and causing damage to properties. Moderate to heavy rains were reported in the wilayats of Mahdha, Yanqul, Ibri, Dhank and Ibra. Vehicular movement was disrupted in some areas as a result of heavy rains and strong wind.
Torrential rains in some places caused wadis to overflow and increased the water levels in the dams. Other areas experienced moderate to heavy rains accompanied by strong wind and hail as a result of local clouds activities in the evening.
The Directorate-General of Meteorology at the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (Oman Met office) predicts scattered rains and occasionally thunder showers over the Hajar Mountains and adjacent wilayats in the evening as a result of continued formation of local clouds. Cloudy conditions should prevail on the coastal strip of Dhofar Governorate and surrounding mountains with chances of intermittent drizzle and low-level clouds during late night and early morning.