Manpower ministry invites 3,457 for job interviews

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Manpower has invited 3,457 job-seekers for employment interviews. The candidates will compete for 277 job opportunities at 33 private sector organisations in different parts of the Sultanate.
The Ministry of Manpower is also following up with private sector organisations to ensure that they complete procedures for employing job-seekers and signing employment contracts with them. Five job-seekers signed employment contracts with Oman Air to work as shipping clerk, sales executive, medical coordinator and ticketing clerk.
It should be noted that the Ministry of Manpower has invited 4,298 job-seekers to compete for 401 job opportunities in the different governorates.
Meanwhile, Majlis Ash’shura on Wednesday discussed the conditions of the job-seekers. The discussion comes in response to a recommendation made by Majlis Ash’shura Office about holding a joint meeting between the permanent labour committees in charge of job-seekers issues.
The Youth and Human Resources Development Committee held a joint meeting with the Economic and Financial Committee, the Social Services and Development Committee, the Education and Scientific Research Committee and the Health and Environment Committee.
The meeting was chaired by Mohammed bin Abu Bakr al Ghassani, Deputy Chairman of Majlis Ash’shura.
During the meeting, Mohammed bin Salim al Busaidy, Head of Youth and Human Resources Development Committee, made a presentation on analysing and following up the employment of national manpower.
While commenting on the study made by the committee, the head of the Youth and Human Resources Development Committee said that the committee held a number of meetings including a meeting with the minister of manpower. — ONA