Mandela Day celebrated at Dar al Hanan

Muscat:  The South African Embassy in the Sultanate celebrated the Mandela Day at Oman Cancer Association’s Dar al Hanan yesterday.  July 18thhas been designated as the Mandela Day by the United Nations.

Children at Dar al Hanan cut the cake on the 100th birthday celebration of Nelson Mandela and received toys and play area on behalf of the house that has been raised by the South African expatriate community and the Embassy of South Africa in Oman.

The theme of the day was ‘Make Every day A Mandela Day.’  The day is meant for people to be of service for others so in South Africa the day is celebrated by identifying a cause and need.  “We dedicate 67 minutes of our time in the serving others.  Why 67 minutes?  It is because Nelson Mandela toiled for 67 years for the fellow human beings not just in South Africa but for the whole world,” said Manabile Silas Shogole, Ambassador of South Africa to the Sultanate of Oman.

The ambassador said the celebration was delayed for everyone to participate after the summer holidays.  “Mandela always had a soft spot for children.  Children are so crucial.  So we identified Oman Cancer Association and their efforts taken to provide care for the children who are suffering from cancer.  The intention is to link Oman Cancer Association with a likeminded NGO in South Africa so they would be able to charter the way together to have benefits for Oman and South Africa and impact the whole world,” the ambassador added.

The NGO, South African Cancer Association, has been identified by the Embassy as the organization to twin with OCA.  “We are looking forward to a strong collaboration between the two organizations and especially now because OCA has won the bidding to host the UICC in 2020 and other prominent events.  By winter Occidental is arranging the garden and by then the children would have a great time to enjoy the play area.  We extend our special gratitude toward the South African Embassy and the community for the initiative,” said Dr Wahid al Kharusi, Chairman of Oman Cancer Association.