Make glitters work for you

For trends that made marks in 2017 and early part of 2018, blinding highlighters and glitters were two of the beauty industry favourites. Proof of this is the fascination of major makeup brands like Mac Inglot, Anastasia Beverly Hills including Gulf Region’s very own Huda Beauty to produce dozens of severals products to bring out new glitters, shimmers and illuminating powders, liquids and cream giving people a chance to get their Instagram glow on! Much like the One Ring that ruled them all (only less evil), glitter pigments can be used as highlighter, eyeshadow, lipsticks and even blush and eyeliner.

How to use, mix and apply?
For the cheeks or the cupids bow, use a fan brush or powder brush to lightly dust the pigment on, giving you that glow without a harsh swatch mark.
For a dewy foundation look, mix in a tiny amount of the pigment into your moisturiser or foundation giving you the perfect highlight without it being too overpowering.
This can be added just to the highpoints of the face like the chin, nose and cheekbones so you’ll achieve that healthy glow.
For the eyes or lips, mix in a little bit of fixing spray or glitter mediums for a denser and more controllable consistency. This also ensures that the pigment stays put. A flat eye-shadow or lip brush or even just using your ring finger is the perfect way to get the full impact.

Why choose pigments?
Pigments are the perfect way to make the most of your buck, also giving you the choice to use it the way you want. It lets one customise their highlight to the intensity that one wants.

Things to keep in mind when using pigments?
A little goes a long way, you can always build more but it is much harder to take off product without having to start from scratch.
Use clean brushes so other pigments or colours don’t sneak into your pots and potentially ruin that perfect shade of gold.
Use a bottle cap, or the back of your hand to mix in liquids and pigments so not to waste product.

Pigments are a great way to try out glitters in way that is both comfortable and can be adjusted to one’s taste. The key point here is: Have fun! Like most makeup, pigments are literally like paints and you become the artist with the freedom to create as you like.