Madayn Industrial Academy organises training programmes

The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates — Madayn, represented by Madayn Industrial Academy, organised recently three training programmes on various topics. A programme on ‘Workplace Stress Management’ was held at the Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM) to develop skills of the participants regarding the positive and negative effects of workplace stress on psychological and physical aspects. The programme also aimed at giving tips on how to successfully manage such instances and mitigate their negative impact. A programme on ‘Energy Efficiency’ was organised at Sohar Industrial City to disseminate awareness on the applicable energy efficiency technologies and identify ways to improve energy efficiency in accordance with the industry standards. The programme also introduced the participants to the basic principles of energy-saving systems and energy conservation methods.
The third programme, which was held at Nizwa Industrial City, highlighted the topic of ‘Time and Priority Management’. The programme discussed the concept of self-leadership and time management, as well as emphasised on the significance of setting priorities. It is worth mentioning that these training programmes come along the lines of Madayn’s efforts to develop skills of the human cadres in the various industrial cities in Oman.