Local craftsmen gives back, showcase crafts to students

948922The month-long celebration of the Omani Craftsmen Day has provided local talents an opportunity to expand their audience reach.
Now in its second week, after the Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI) provided them an opportunity to expose their products in Muttrah Souq, local craftsmen had the opportunity to give back to the community and educate children from schools as to the importance and beauty of locally produced crafts.
Just recently, local craftsmen,through the coordination of PACI, participated in the ‘Open Day’ organised by the American International School Muscat.
PACI officials shared that not only does this allow them to give special attention to crafts the education sharing is also important for the younger generation to appreciate culturally significant products produced in the Sultanate.
PACI included four crafts to showcase for students: Poetry, Fabric, Fronds and Silver.
Craftsmen who worked on these particular areas carried with them items for the live show. They interacted with the children and showed them the process of how materials become the final products displayed in stalls and sold on stores.
PACI viewed this as a way of also marketing local products to an even wider and broader audience.
Craftsmen are already happy about the mileage they are getting from PACI. They expressed their keenness to participate in future activities and programmes organised by PACI and are looking forward to the annual celebration.
The consensus among the craftsmen is that avenues like this allow appreciation to the importance of the crafts production profession and by extension, how the industry becomes a great method of conserving the heritage and Omani identity.
PACI organisers wanted to encourage all people working in the crafts industry to be proud of what they are doing and they wanted to highlight the abilities of Omani craftsmen.
“A people’s craft carries the visual to a people’s character,”said Ruth Hawley in her book that studies the Omani Crafts and it is by these words that PACI hope to expose Omani products and craftsmen even more.