It is time to take firm measures: Supreme Committee

Muscat: The Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed al Saeedi, on Thursday said despite repeated appeals from the authorities, mass gatherings still exist and some people do not abide by social distancing. Curfew has been proposed by some citizens and will be referred to the Supreme Committee. The minister was speaking to the media at the 7th press conference of the Supreme Committee to deal with covd-19 in the Sultanate.

“A wedding attended by 150 people was held about a week ago, and none of them reported the ceremony despite the instructions on mass gathering,” said the minister.

Highlights from the press conference

  1. Minister of Health: Mass iftar gatherings still exist and some people do not abide by social distancing
  2. Minister of Health: A 18-year-old woman came to the health center because of a wedding in which 300 people mingled
  3. Minister of Health: The negligence by some companies and sponsors caused more cases
  4. Minister of Health: A citizen with symptoms of Covid-19 had decided to have a normal life which caused the transmission of infection to his mother and sister who had kidney failure due to the virus. He transmitted the infection to 17 other people
  5. Minister of Health: Even people who have no symptoms should follow precautionary instructions in all cases.
  6. Minister of Health: The death rate in the Sultanate is low, and the total Covid-19 tests crossed 61,000
  7. Director General of Operations at Royal Oman Police: Families should avoid any gatherings or activities during Eid Alfitr
  8. Minister of Health: We are aware of the economic consequences, but the decision has to be balanced
  9. The Minister of Health: A total of 96 people are in hospitals, including 31 in intensive care units. The total number of tests done is 61,000
  10. ROP: We receive tip-offs 24/7 about social gatherings and such cases are dealt immediately
  11. Minister of Health: Curfew has been proposed by some citizens and will be referred to the Supreme Committee
  12. Director General of Operations: Many activities, including commercial, will be suspended if total curfew is imposed, and the decision will be taken later by the Supreme Committee
  13. Minister of Health: Free treatment for expatriates is for those who do not have the ability to do so (without a sponsor to take care of)
  14. Minister of Health: The treatment of expatriate (who has a sponsor) will be borne by his sponsor according to the law
  15. Minister of Health: Any activities that is allowed to open will be closed if instructions are violated
  16. Minister of Health: The decision of the Supreme Committee to prevent gatherings, including Khareef Salalah is still in effect.
  17. Minister of Health: We have indentified some commercial activities that can be started, which will be presented at the meeting of the Supreme Committee next week
  18. Minister of Health: We may have to limit hospital visits to patients if health safety requirements are not met
  19. Minister of Health: In one of the governorates, the Public Prosecution arrested an organizer of an event
  20. Minister of Health: It is time to take firm measures
  21. Minister of Health: Almost RO4 million have been spent on conducting tests
  22. DG of Disease Control: Currently, we are examining 1500-2000 samples per day
  23. MOH: Disinfection is safe and important, but they do not give protection to people in institutions, and the health preventive measures must always be taken
  24. Director General of Disease Control: There is a shortage of plasma donors
  25. ROP: The nature of work on the street makes it difficult to install cabins for the security personnel stationed at control points
  26. Higher Education Undersecretary: We will take into account ticket prices when scholarship students return to their studies abroad
  27. Minister of Health: Regardless of whether we decide to impose curfew or not, we appeal to the community not to avoid instructions on social distancing and other preventive measures
  28. Minister of Health: A person with Covid-19 lives with 70 expats and the sponsor takes no responsibility
  29. Director General of Disease Control: We expect a significant increase in the number of people examined after Ramadhan and new devices will arrive
  30. Minister of Health: The lockdown in Muscat and other places will continue until May 29, and if positive results appear, the ban will be lifted before that date
  31. MOH: We have noticed during the past few days that many expatriates go to health institutions to request testing, which is a good sign
  32. MOH: We cannot say that the increase in number of cases is due to the opening of activities, it is mainly due to the increase in gatherings
  33. Minister of Health: Unfortunately the gatherings contributed to the increase in cases and even special night gatherings are conducted for women
  34. Minister of Health: A decision on the return to work will be considered by the Supreme Committee later
  35. Minister of Health: Cases in the wilayat of Muttrah in general are on the rise while there is a decrease in the number of cases in Old Muttrah
  36. ROP: It is not possible to stop public life and the movement of people, but we must take precautionary and preventive measures
  37. Dr Saif Al-Abri: We have detected cases in truck drivers and cargo operators between the governorates of the Sultanate
    Yesterday, more than one case was diagnosed from delivery teams.
  38. Minister of Health: We support the use of masks, but we do not favour the use of gloves.
  39. Dr Saif Al-Abri: More expatriate workers are coming forward for testing because they do not require to present a proof of a legal residency permit.
  40. Minister of Health: A pharma company talks about the possibility of having some vaccinations before the end of 2020. But needs to see that the vaccine will be proven effective.
  41. Dr Saif al Abri: The reason behind the rise in the number of cases in the past two days is due to the spread in the housing camps of some companies that did not have facilities for social distancing
  42. Dr. Saif Al-Abri: Online shopping is safe and the risk of transmitting the virus lies in people, not in products
  43. Dr Saif Al-Abri: We have detected cases in truck drivers and cargo operators between the governorates of the Sultanate
    Yesterday, more than one case was diagnosed from delivery teams.




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