Light of hope cleared yesterday’s darkness –

Yesterday, over 50 years ago, there was darkness in Oman! People were not that civilised as their lifestyle was extremely basic. A few schools and hospitals were available mainly in the capital of Oman. Life was so hard for people and making a living was even very challenging. Perhaps the situation was not something we could imagine comparing it to what we have today.
Nevertheless, Omanis were sparing no effort to make a living in other parts of the region. Some have travelled to other GCC countries where they have spent years striving to make a living for their families.
Others have migrated to African countries where they established businesses and were involved in trading. Despite the challenges and hard times they have faced, Omanis were still known as leaders in business making and trading with other parts of the world.
The 23rd of July, 1970 was the day on which Omanis have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. On that day, the spark of the brighter future has emerged. As His Majesty Sultan Qaboos came to throne on this day, he made a promise to his fellow citizens, saying: “My people, I will proceed as quickly as possible to transform your life into a prosperous one with a bright future.” Indeed, this was an inspiring promise which brought hope to all Omanis.
His Majesty’s address on his first day of ascension to throne was a spark of hope that brought the brighter future which he promised. His Majesty was a man of words and all Omanis believed in him. Omanis were all on cloud nine when they knew that His Majesty ascended the throne. Day and night they celebrated this occasion and waiting to meet His Majesty during the meet-with-people tours which he started since then.
His Majesty’s ultimate goal since the early days was to build a strong relation based on a mutual trust and cooperation between him and his people. Accordingly, he called upon all Omanis, who went overseas to make a living, to come back and help in nation-building process. He believed that people of this country are the cornerstone and are key partners in building the new Oman for themselves and for the generations to come.
Calling upon Omanis, His Majesty addressed: “We hope that this day will mark the beginning of a new age and a great future for all of us. We promise you that we shall do our duty towards the people of our dear country. We also hope that every one of you will do his duty in helping us to build the thriving and happy future that we seek for this country, because, as you know, unless there is cooperation between the government and the people we will not be able to build our country with the speed required to free her from the backwardness she has endured for so long.”
That was the key pillar to start the blessed Omani Renaissance which started afterwards and the light of prosperity shined over this land. Over the past 49 years, Omanis and all residents who are dwelling in this land are enjoying the fruitful blessings and prosperity of Renaissance. Thanks to His Majesty who strived to achieve even more than what he had promised during the first days of his reign.
The dream which our ancestors have dreamt of due to His Majesty’s promise is a reality being acknowledged and praised to only by Omanis, but the world over. What has happened in such a record time is much more than just a dream.
As we celebrate the 49th anniversary of the Blessed Renaissance Day, we should all pray to the Almighty Allah to bless His Majesty, our beloved leader and father; to grant him good health and long life.