The light of a bright future emerges

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami – –

ِAlot of people around the world do not know the meaning of Omani Renaissance Day and the reason behind its celebration on the 23rd of July every year. It’s a distinguished day indeed. I don’t think another Renaissance Day is being commemorated in any other part of the world.
This day witnessed the dawn of the Omani Blessed Renaissance on July 23, 1970, when His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said ascended the throne. He became the Sultan of Oman and since then Oman has started seeing light of a bright future at the end of the tunnel.
As he said in his first address: “My people, I will proceed as quickly as possible to transform your life into a prosperous one with a bright future.” His Majesty inspired and promised Omanis from his first words to them. The people seriously listened to him and believed in him as a visionary leader and a man of mission. Indeed, His Majesty promised and fulfilled what he promised. He was always a man of words and he never let his people down.
Outcomes of this promise have been witnessed as remarkable changes happened in different walks of life in the country.
Citizens experienced rapid changes that made their lives much easier and comfortable than it used to be.
All changes happened in a record time from that day because His Majesty aimed to build very strong relations based on mutual trust and cooperation between him and his people.
He called upon all Omanis who had migrated overseas to make a living to come back home and help in developing the new Oman. Afterwards, the Omani Blessed Renaissance began and the light of prosperity has glowed in this land.
Calling upon Omanis, His Majesty stated: “We hope that this day will mark the beginning of a new age and a great future for us all. We promise you that we shall do our duty towards the people of our dear country. We also hope that every one of you will do his duty in helping us to build the thriving and happy future that we seek for this country, because, as you know, unless there is cooperation between the government and the people, we will not be able to build our country with the speed required to free her from the backwardness she has endured for so long.”
Undoubtedly, His Majesty could bring the citizens and government together with a mutual trust and respect between both parties. He endorsed that the government and the people are like one body. If one of its limbs fails to do its duty, the other parts of the body will suffer. In fact, our love, respect and trust to this great man is beyond imagination; not only citizens, but all others who reside in the Sultanate share similar love and respect to His Majesty the Sultan Qaboos.
His Majesty’s strong belief in the people of Oman and his personal time and efforts have made the country a peaceful and prosperous country that it has become today.
In the past 47 years, His Majesty has strived to achieve more than what he promised during the first days of his reign. Today, here it is: peace, prosperity and happy life and bright future are ensured to citizens and residents alike.
As we are celebrating today the 47th anniversary of the Omani Blessed Renaissance Day, we pray to the Almighty Allah to bless our beloved leader and father; grant him good health and long life.