Lifesize artworks rising from Duqm’s stark landscape

While majority of the landscape of Duqm remains unperturbed, many are recently surprised to find lifesize pieces of art strategically scattered in different areas of this usually dull Wilayat located about four-hour drive from Muscat.
Made from leftovers of construction projects, the art pieces were mostly made of scrap irons shaped by artists to take the form of Omani nature, arts and heritage.
Sebacic Oman Co SAOC — a company operating in the Special Economic Zone at Duqm — collaborated with a group of artists both from India and the Sultanate to complete the project.
The company also consulted with its employees and conducted workshops to come up with designs that would best fit the purpose of the project.
As a result, about 20 artistic works inspired by nature such as horse, falcon and butterflies came into fruition adding renewed interest in Duqm’s seldom visited parts.
Kanan Asher who works as a landscape designer for Sebacic Oman project and who supervised the production of all the pieces expressed her admiration of the deliverables of the workshop that has lasted for 18 days.
She shared, “When I visited Duqm and found all these piles of scrap iron leftovers, I have immediately approached the CEO, Mr. Pradeep Nair, and recommended finding an artistic work to utilize the ferrous scrap particularly as it is a new zone and lacks great art works. The quantities of iron cannot be reused so instead, they can be converted into outstanding artistic works and he has kindly saw merits in the idea and allowed the execution of the idea.”
She added, “We have immediately, upon the CEO’s kind approval, commenced planning and proposing some artistic subjects then started working with some artists who are highly skilled in the utilization of scrap in an attempt to find artistic works with remarkable meanings.”
“The Artistic Workshop we conducted lasted only for 18 days. We have artists from Oman and nine others from India participating in the endeavour. We have to utilise equipment from the company like cranes. From the original 30-40 day timeframe to complete all the tasks, with the devotion of the artists, we were able to finish everything in 18 days.
Kanan was proud of the result and shared that they were all executed in a beautiful and professional manner and their colors reveal a positive impression and splendor.
As appreciation and recognition for the artists dedication and creativity, the Special Zone Authority at Duqm (SEZAD) and Sebacic Oman Co SAOC honored them in a ceremony held in Duqm and attended by HE Mr. Yahia Bin Said Al Jabri; SEZAD’s Chairman, HE Mr Indra Mani Pandey — Indian Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman, and Sheikh Hilal Bin Khalid; the Chairman of Sebacic Oman Co. SAOC.