Life is an uncharted path

By Saif Saleh Al Shaibaniy  

Life’s uncharted path the journey which we take, life’s mystery journey. Life can gift us with unexpected treasures, hope, and happiness or can take it all away. But the funny thing is even if life takes you to a negative turn, all can turn out well in the end, if you have belief enough in that possibility.

A good example was this month, a hot summer month, that is August, came back home from a long day and just changed my clothes, after putting my son to sleep I made myself a cup coffee which I was ready to drink with all enthusiasm.

My mother called me and asked me for a favor, something that I couldn’t refuse as my mother did say please, I was to pick up my uncle from the airport as the family driver was not able to pick him up. I was up for it and so I headed to the airport, but halfway to my journey I received a call from an unknown number to my surprise it was my aunt ‘she called me to inform not go the airport as the driver will be picking him up as originally planned. I was shocked and happy, to my good fortune the road which takes me back home was just in front of me, the call was timed right. I started to thank God and say what a wonderful surprise. This meant I would go back to my wife and children, spend more time with them. I said to myself one of life’s unexpected fortune, small but meaningful.

In fact, the whole month was full of these little surprises. I was unfortunate to be let go by my organization in July, all was lost I thought to myself. But then August came and changed that, my father journalistic mood kicked in after a good holiday break. And the questions to my former employers started to follow, eventually, I got a phone call from them, saying that an email has been sent to the company’s CEO and board members and the internal auditors have started an investigation regarding my case. This gave a sense of hope and relief that all will be fine and on the upside, I was scheduled for an interview and also my wife had an interview with another company, as her company started giving her trouble as well, the timing I thought was perfect.

I thanked God for the blessing on these hard times and for the good fortune which comes in our way. Life is really an uncharted path, not knowing the road we take even the planners can find their path full of surprises and unexpected turns. We should be grateful when life shows us these gifts even if it seems meaningless it could hold a greater value towards your life’s uncharted path.