Life hacks for a stress-free celebration

Arranging for parties to celebrate something is a big headache. Don’t get this wrong. Everyone enjoys great parties, but usually, it puts a lot of pressure on the one planning. The demand can sometimes drive someone mad, and if you are the OCD type, you’d want to stay indoors for a week. If you have lots of money to burn and can pay people off to arrange a party for you, then it cuts the stress in half. But not everyone has some extra cash lying around.
It’s one of the reasons why a lot of people do their parties at the down-low opting for pre-arranged events rather than going all out and doing all the work themselves. In Oman, this is now very easy to do. Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary celebration, here are a few tips on how to have a hassle-free party.

Impress guests with different cuisines
Oman, in recent years, has become a hub for every nationalities and race and the diversity can be quite confounding if you have guests who are picky eaters. Not everyone will be a fan of Indian or French cooking, and a multi-cuisine buffet can quickly solve this. Do they want seafood? Are they vegan? Do they want unlimited steak or grilled meat? These are the kind of worries you don’t want to think about. Try researching which hotels and restaurants offer impressive selections and learn how these can work to your advantage. If the buffet comes with other perks too, like facility use etc., then you have a winner.

Go for places offering multiple activities
If you have kids, then you know how big a factor kids can be when arranging for a party. If the celebration is done at home, you are faced with the dilemma whether you have to send the kids away to friends or family members of worst, have them sleep early. Look for places that offer kids corners wherein the kids get to play with other kids. For adults, it will be perfect if there are different recreation centres, spa and yoga activities, or beach and pool areas where guests can relax even if it’s just a ‘day activity’. Oman is the perfect place where you can mix business pleasure. Just learn where to look.

Tie your celebration with weekend events
Because of busy schedules, a lot of parties are being held off until the weekends. This is great as many hotels have different packages that can work to your advantage. A friend recently did this, which is why he was able to avoid the hassle of thinking about what food to prepare, arranging for DJ and the music, even the venue. For families, you can try out the Plunge and Indulge on Friday offer of Kempinski Muscat. A multi-cuisine buffet with pool and beach access complete with complimentary drinks can save you a lot. Also, children below six years old can dine in for free, while kids between 6 to 12 years old can eat half the price. Since kids are also given access to the kid’s clubhouse, it means adults can also enjoy precious hours to enjoy their own time at the pool or the beach.