Level-playing field for all telecom operators in malls, apartments?

The Telecom Regulatory  Authority (TRA) said since most property developers enter into agreements with a telecommunication service provider (selected by tender or otherwise) it has the potential to prevent effective competition and choice of services to  the public. Such agreements deny the consumers to choose their preferable service providers and TRA aims to provide a level playing field for telecom licenses to ensure the provisions of telecommunication services at affordable and high quality to everyone. “This can be achieved through the adoption of open access policy for the civil infrastructure to enable all licenses build their ducts and install equipment for the provision of telecom services in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner and to prevent dominance and exclusivity in the provision of telecom services in these buildings,” a statement from the authority said.
TRA has told the developers of malls and residential complexes not to adhere to the provision of open access for all elements of passive infrastructure so that users are not constrained to a pre-selected service provider for ICT services. TRA expects correction to any existing arrangements that is in violation of the principle of non-discrimination and exclusivity. The telecom licenses are obliged to follow the
technical criteria, which will be issued by the TRA in addition to the building regulations and rules related to the complexes.