Letter from sponsor must for resident card renewal

Muscat: A letter from the sponsor is compulsory for the renewal of resident card, according to a Royal Oman Police (ROP) official. This is mandatory for all expatriate workforces in both private and public sectors.

“One needs to bring a letter from his/her individual sponsor or from the company with the stamp and signature of the competent authority saying that the applicant is still working for the firm concerned, and that, he/she has no objection in getting a resident card”, an ROP source told the Observer.

This new rule is an update of the earlier condition to getting the resident card even without a consent letter from the sponsor. “The practice till recently had been, once the visa renewal is done on the passport, the employee was able to approach the resident card department in Seeb and get his/her card after usual procedures such as getting the application typed, getting finger print verified and stamped and paying a fee of RO 11”, the official said.

He further clarified that this was a move to curb malpractice in visa and resident card irregularities and to offer better services to the expatriate workforce. Resident card is mandatory for all expatriates in the country once the permanent visa is stamped as it not only serves as a quick identity card but all information pertaining to the individual can be stored in the chipped card.

However, although expatriate children below the age of 15 were exempted from getting a resident card, the ROP has earlier clarified that resident children in Oman, aged five or above, can now apply for a resident card.

“This is done to make easy access at the e-gate system at the Muscat International Airport and to help the authorities and parents process various documentations faster and efficient from time to time”, he added.


Text by Mai al Abria & Kabeer Yousef