Let hobbies flourish through virtual learning

Salalah: If it is challenging for the working people to deliver their work from home or even from their offices while maintaining safe social distancing, it is more challenging for the children to stay at home all the time.

Some hobby learning schools and professional schools offering courses in music, have come out with smart solutions to address this issue by offering online music and art classes. This has helped not only the students in pursuing their hobbies, but their parents are equally relieved that their children are engaged somewhere and learning some skills when there is nothing to do outdoor for them.

Thanae Pachiyannaki, Manager of Classic Music and Arts Institute, which works under Tunes Oman, said the Institute has been offering online classes in piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, theory classes in music as also aural training and vocal practices. “We send our students for music degrees and careers in music,” she said.

She admitted the challenge as something which came very sudden but said that the world is moving towards online education and it is good time to move forward.

“The response is good both from the parents and the students. Though we do not have same number of students as in classroom sessions, but we have been receiving regular inquiries, which is a good sign,” she said.

She did admit that the students were genuinely missing being in the institute in front of their favourite teachers, but in the given situation when no one can venture out of home, “online classes are the best possible solution.”

Keren Palomo, academic adviser and teacher of vocals and piano, admitted that she is genuinely missing her students but said at least something is happening through online classes.

Commenting on the challenges, both Thanae and Keren agreed that the switchover was so quick that many of their regular students and their parents were yet to understand the virtual platforms.

“But hopefully they will learn and things would become easy for the parents, students and teachers,” they said.