Lenovo ThinkPad models get lighter, more powerful

Lenovo has upgraded its ThinkPad X1 line-up, unveiling new models with sleeker designs, faster processors and improved battery life.
The line-up includes the heavy-duty Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, the convertible ThinkPad Yoga 2-in-1 and the ThinkPad X1 Tablet, all of which are now thinner, lighter and smaller overall than their previous iterations. To further sweeten the deal, the new ThinkPad X1 devices can also last far longer on a single charge.
Most of the improvements are due to Intel’s 7th Generation Core processors dubbed Kaby Lake, with faster integrated GPUs that allow for 4K video processing support. Moreover, Lenovo is also offering Qualcomm LTE-Advanced modems as an option for the new ThinkPad X1 line-up of devices.
These Qualcomm models are usually found in smartphones, but Lenovo thinks that as devices get increasingly thinner and lighter, cellular connectivity is becoming more important and LTE can be of great help in certain circumstances or areas where Wi-Fi is not available.
The new ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the star of the upgraded line-up, sporting a substantially smaller design that crams a full HD IPS display with a diagonal of 14 inches into a 13-inch carbon fibre body.
The smaller design is partially due to the thinner borders of the new display, which helped shrink the laptop’s overall size.