Learning from contemporary Pakistani art style

The Omani Society for Fine Arts (OSFA) in the Sultan Qaboos Centre for Culture and Science, Diwan of Royal Court hosted an exhibition for the contemporary Art from Pakistan. Officially titled as Spectrum, the exhibition was launched yesterday evening under the auspices of Dr Fuad al Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries in the headquarters of OSFA in Al Sarooj.

The exhibition shed lights on some of the contemporary art styles in Pakistan to introduce the Pakistani artistes to the Omani community and to highlight some issues and to focus on areas of strength in the Pakistani society.
The exhibition aims at sharing ideas, thoughts and cultural expertise among the Omani and Pakistani artistes and to extend bridges of communication between the two communities.
The exhibition includes 100 art works (paintings and calligraphy) from different art schools.
A tea party is also held Tuesday morning in OSFA for the artistes, joined by Sayyida Mayan Sgihab Al Said and Sayyida Hujayja Jaafa Al Said, the Head of the Association of Disabled Children.
The work of 17 artistes will be on display and depict a personal journey giving expression to their ideas and vision. They use a wide variety of techniques in their presentation. The style of painting ranges from modern miniatures, figurative, abstract to contemporary and Quranic Calligraphy. Featured are paintings of artistes valued for their contribution to revitalizing the classic tradition of miniature art.
The exhibition will be open for public viewing from April 3 -12, from 10am-1pm, and 5pm-8pm at the Omani Society for Fine Arts, behind Al Shatti Cinema.
Speaking on behalf of the Omani Society for Fine Arts, Mariam Al Zadjali, Director of the society, said the exhibition is integral to the society mission to foster cultural and artistic dialogue between Omani artistes and their counterparts in other countries.
She added this will give an opportunity to the students of art and art lovers to see the work of artistes of Pakistan and learn about the special techniques used in their work. The event promises to be an exciting and enriching experience.
The work of the following artisets will be on display, Shireen Ikramullah, Muneeb Ali, Ahmed khan, Khusro Subzwari, Abid Khan, M.A. Bukhari, Mugheez Riaz, Amir kamal, Tanya Shah, Hussain Chandio, Raja Najm, Salman farooqui, Irfan Ahmed, Mohd. Arshad, Bin Qallandar, Mohd. Ibrahim, Dr. Khalid, Zulqarnain, Amina Ansari, Aqib Suri
The exhibition will support the Oman Autism Society.