Largest centre for sports medicine opened

MUSCAT JULY 17 – Oman Football Association (OFA) renewed its medical partnership agreement with Badr al Samaa Group of Hospitals for the year 2018-19 football season in the presence of Shaikh Shabib al Hosni, Deputy CEO of OFA, Board of Directors Abdul Latheef, Dr V T Vinod and PA Mohammed and the Senior Orthopaedic Surgeons from the Ministry of Health Hospitals, senior management staff and Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists from nine branches of the hospital. Oman national team’s leading striker Khalid al Hajri officially opened Oman’s largest and most advanced Center for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Department of Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy in the private healthcare sector by Badr al Samaa on Sunday.
Badr al Samaa has been OFA’s official medical partner since 2013 and the Center of Sports Medicine at Badr al Samaa is comparable with the best sports medicine facilities in terms of infrastructure as well as faculty. The centre specialises in diagnosis, rehabilitation and surgery of patients with sports related injuries. The team has extensive experience in arthroscopic knee and ankle ligament surgery, many hundreds of these procedures with audited results. The faculties’ core area of expertise is in the field of sports medicine, foot and ankle surgery, lower limb arthroplasty, complex trauma and arthroscopic surgery.
“We are happy to be renewing our agreement with Badr al Samaa for the season 2018-2019 as the services rendered by the group of hospitals, the efforts by their doctors in ensuring all our players are fit and healthy are laudable,” Shabib al Hosni told the Observer. Badr al Samaa started their journey in the field of Sports medicine and Rehabilitation, under the able guidance of Dr Kamran Sayeed MBBS, FRCS (Ed) senior consultant, Dept of Orthopaedics in Badr al Samaa Hospital, Ruwi. “The number of sports injuries is on the rise when compared to previous years”, said Dr Kamran Sayeed.
“While most of the cases were ignored then, with the advanced technology and digital imaging and diagnosis procedures, we are able to treat them effectively, thanks to the digital technology and experienced staff,” he added.
Badr al Samaa has performed more than 800 knee arthroscopy which includes Meniscectomy, ACL reconstruction, PCL reconstruction and MPFL reconstruction. It has performed substantial number of shoulder arthroscopies which includes Biceps tenotomy, Subacromial decompression, acromioplasty and Supraspinatus repair. The department also performed many ankle arthroscopy which includes loose body removal, micro fracture, subchondral cyst enucleation, removal of Os Trigonum (Posterior ankle arthroscopy — first time in Oman), ATFL and CFL reconstruction. “We are proud to launch the Centre for Sports Medicine at Badr al Samaa. This is a comprehensive facility with customised programmes for diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery that is benchmarked to the best sports medicine facilities in the private healthcare sector in Oman”, PA Mohammed, Dr Vinod, and Abdul Latheef, Directors of the Badr al Samaa Group said. The participants at the launch hoped that advanced Sports Medicine facility at Badr al Samaa will not only eliminate the need of sportsmen having to go abroad, but will offer preventive and timely care for sports related injuries. The centre also has solutions for all problems related to sports injuries and injuries to joints (knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, and wrist). This includes clinical evaluation, imaging, and diagnosis of injuries, surgical repair and arthroscopic reconstruction of all joints. The Centre also offer sports rehabilitation, sports injuries prevention, sports physiology and fitness evaluation.