Land Rover builds drone-launching car for search and rescue operations

Land Rover just announced “Project Hero,” its latest Discovery SUV with a custom-fitted drone and special technology to help in search and rescue operations. The special Land Rover Discovery SUV aims to aid in special emergency response operations taking place in the aftermath of a disaster. The Project Hero Land Rover Discovery SUV made its debut on March 7 at the Geneva Motor Show. According to the official announcement, the vehicle was made in collaboration with Austrian Red Cross emergency experts and it deepens a wider international collaboration between the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the automaker.

The SUV is equipped with a quadcopter drone that can take-off from the roof of the vehicle and land back even if the car is in motion. When not in use, the drone is secured into place with magnets. The drone is designed to assist in search and rescue operations, soaring above to deliver live streams to emergency response teams. This could be of great help to rescuers, allowing them to safely investigate emergency scenes and make assessments more quickly when it comes to the damage and the state of individuals who need assistance. This means that rescuers get a bird’s-eye view not only of potential victims in case of disasters and accidents but also of the changes in landscape compared to the maps.