Kerala’s SME development to absorb Omani expertise

By Kabeer Yousuf — MUSCAT: FEB. 25 – Impressed by the all-encompassing support to the local SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Oman and the enviable care for environment protection, water conservation and waste management, the State Industrial Development Corporation (SIDCO) under the Kerala Government is aiming to replicate the same in the south Indian state. With this in mind, the chairman of the Corporation is currently in Oman meeting with concerned Omani officials and visiting various treatment plants, farms and other preserved areas.
“We are truly impressed by the government attention given to developing eco-friendly society in Oman while compromising on nothing when it comes to environment protection. It is highly laudable to see how both public and private entities have joined hands in achieving a balanced environment in Oman in accordance with the government vision”, Niyas Pulikkalakath, Chairman, SIDCO told the Observer.
Niyas, flanked by Badruddeen, Chairman of Muscat Project and Environmental Service Company and Vijayan, Chairman of Global Services Company, the only company that is entrusted by the Sultanate to certify fruits and vegetables if they are free from overdose of pesticides or poisonous substances, said that the prevailing waste disposal methods in Oman is all deserving to be replicated in Kerala.
“We will submit a detailed report on the findings in these areas from Oman to the Kerala government and we are quite confident that the concerned authorities back home will implement these progressive findings”, he added.