Karate training course at Al Nasr club in Salalah

MUSCAT, May 6 – Al Nasr club organised an international training course for karate at the Al Sadah Sports Complex and some other training sessions also occurred in Al Nasr club in Salalah during May 3 to 5. International lecturer Farid al Shuiabi was the trainer for this course.
As many as 60 participants were part of this course. Attendees were representing different countries like Egypt, Tunisia, India and Pakistan.
The course included exams on black belt from level one to four. Also, the course covered updated skills for Karate that approved by related international federations and associations. “Al Nasr club is one of the clubs that has been supporting karate. We have agreed with the Al Nasr management club to have this course every year. Also, there is a plan to conduct a seminar for the benefits of karate sport, history of karate and what are the levels and belts for this sport,” Farid al Shuiabi, International lecturer said.
“We have submitted international membership for al Nasr coach Mohammed Ilyas in presence of some club officials. Also, we informed him about the procedures for completion and passing of Karate black belt.” Al Shuiabi concluded.