Karate competitions in Nizwa end

NIZWA, APRIL 6 – The second international karate tournament organised by Oman Karate Academy concluded at the Nizwa Sports Complex on Friday, which was participated by a large number of clubs and centres from within and outside the Sultanate. The two-day tournament was organised in cooperation with the Omani Karate Committee, the Department of Sports Affairs in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah and Nizwa Club. The games were held in three carpets for the first time in the Sultanate. In Alchon competition, 361 male and female players participated while in the katas 323 players vied for titles.
The number of groups for the male category was 40 in Alchon and 38 in katas. The female groups in Alchon numbered 9 and in katas 9. The first place was won by Oman Karate Academy with 40 gold medals, Ali al Raisi Centre with 24 gold medals came second and Nizwa Champions Club came third with 11 gold medals. The tournament was moderated by Ibrahim bin Hamad al Hashami, Chairman of the Committee at the Academy, along with Ahmed bin Mohammed al Muadi and Said bin Sulaiman al Nadabi.
Oman Karate Academy, the official representative of Japan Karate Association in Oman is serving society in many ways. It had signed a contract with Omani Association for Elderly Friends to offer a free sports programme.
It was designed for the elderly people to give them motivation and awareness about suitable exercises. As part of the programme, the academy provided medical checkup and also brought a dietitian to give them advice on healthy food habits.
Last year, the academy implemented its first programme at Nizwa Club and it was very successful. The programme was attended by more than 25 candidates.
The academy is willing to do the same programme in other areas of the Sultanate and the next one will be in Muscat.
The Karate Academy in Oman has signed an agreement with the Children Rehabilitation Centre for helping children with autism and downs syndrome, and differently abled children.