Karate Academy to launch training course today

NIZWA, Feb 3 – The 13th annual International Training Course events will kick off on Monday and continue until February 10 at Nizwa Sports Complex. The events are being organised by the Karate Academy of Oman in cooperation with Nizwa Club, the headquarters of the academy, and Nizwa Sports Complex.
It will be held under the supervision of Tatsui Naka, expert in JKA (Japan Karate Association). More than 150 coaches and players from the academy, clubs and karate centres are participating. It will also see coaches and players from Arab, Asian and European countries.
The training will include the fundamentals — Alchon as well as the first five ‘katas’. The Japanese expert will focus on training in five katas. The Dan tests, tests of coaches, referees and examiners tests will be held in the morning of the third day. Kumite competition will also be held on the evening of the fourth day.
Training sessions for girls will be conducted by Japanese trainer Yoshia Tatsuya.
The course will include entertainment for participants, including tours throughout Nizwa, Bahla and Al Hamra.
The session will conclude on the fifth day at 8 pm at Nizwa Sports Complex in the presence of the Honorary President of Karate Academy of Oman, Sayyid Mohammed bin Salim al Said as well as the Japanese Ambassador to Oman.
The Oman Karate Academy will also present a special display prepared for the session and a visual presentation of the events.