Jabal Shams a favourite summer destination

Muscat: Come summer and many wilayats in the Sultanate become preferred destinations of tourists, as the atmosphere in those sites turn cold in the night and moderate in the morning. Jabal Shams is one such much-sought-after destination due to its wonderful attractions.

Jabal Shams is a mix of diverse elements which make it an attractive getaway for the tourists who look for recreation and relaxation. The enthusiasts of various types of sports, particularly those who like to enjoy mountain climbing, also rush to the area. Tourists, even from many foreign countries, are drawn to this spot during summer.

The first thing that lures tourists to Jabal Shams is its cold weather, where the temperature is always low. From Muscat, a tourist can reach Jabal Shams in just one and a half hours passing through the wilayats which are rich in history and heritage, including Samayil, Izki, Birkat Al Mawz, Nizwa and Al Hamra.

In these wilayats tourists see the depth of history through its traditional souqs or markets which display various types of textiles and handicrafts. They also get to see a number of Omani forts which tell the unforgettable history of the country. These forts are historically very important and have retained their brilliance and splendour in the wilayats of Al Dakhiliya governorate. They are ultimate objects for clicking photographs.

While travelling towards Jabal Shams, the tourists can fill fuel at various fuel stations in Wilayat Al Hamra. They can also purchase necessary items which they might need during the sojourn. They can continue to travel through internal road and see the new residential planning on both sides of the road till the headquarters of the Al Hamra Club. They also pass through residential complexes in Uqdat Al Ghaf, Dhahrat Al Aur and Al Juraifat, reaching to Wadi Ghoul.

The old Ghoul archaeological village looks over the farms. There is also Al Dhuwaihir village, houses of which are built in modern architectural style to harmonise modernity with traditions in this auspicious era.

This mountain is named as Jabal Shams or the ‘mountain of sun’ because this is the first place where the sun shines and the last place where it sets. It is unique because its level of temperature is moderate during summer. In winter, the temperature dips below zero and there is snowfall.

Jabal Shams is about 3,100 metres above sea level. This has helped in the change of its climate and makes it different from the rest of the Sultanate. It is unique due to its geological formations, particularly its great rock or fault is known to be the second largest in the world.

On some parts of this summit, lagoons of different wild trees have grown including those of Al Bout, Al Alalan and olive. The people of this area have successfully farmed some of the seasonal fruit trees such as apple, peach and pomegranate.

Jabal Shams is an attraction for many groups of enthusiasts of mountain climbing, besides those who enjoy the cold climate. These tourists are from among the citizens of the GCC countries and their residents. The groups of European tourists also prefer to reach Jabal Shams once they are in the Sultanate.

The Ministry of Tourism has developed a reinforced fence to help people see the deep gap or the fault in the mountain. The topography of Jabal Shams has given many geologists and geographers the opportunity to study the natural mountain formations in the Sultanate.

Tourists, on their way to the mountain, enjoy watching the great rocky cliff or gulf or fault, as well as beautiful rock formations, ancient houses and agricultural oases.
One of the scenes which remain in minds of tourists visiting Jabal Shams is the moments of sunrise.

When the sun shines and early in the morning when its first rays touch the foothills of Jabal Shams, it gives an unforgettable view. Similarly, when the sun sets, it gives a magnificent view full of joy, calmness, serenity, and pleasure which the Creator created in this unique mountainous environment.

Jabal Shams is a wonderful place to spend calm and quite day away from the hassle of cities and urban life. The unique thing about Jabal Shams is the tourist camps on it. It supports tourism in general in the area.


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