It’s white, red and green all the way


Muscat: Come November 18th and everyone in Oman thinks of creative ways to express their joy and loyalty to Oman.

Featuring the spirit of patriotism of course are the tricolours of Oman – white, red and green.

Meanwhile after watching the military parade presided over by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, held at the military parade ground at Command of Royal Guard of Oman marking the official celebration of 48th Oman National Day, the public was in treat for fireworks held in Al Khodh and Al Amerat.  Then on the youth and families in jubilant mood took to the roads to continue to celebrate the occasion at times causing slow traffic flow till well into 10pm, but nothing was going to stop them from expressing their joy.

While cars have been decorated with images and designs that portray love for Oman and its leader this year citizens have brought in artistic expression too.  The social media has been busy streaming music videos and compilation of special moments in Oman’s history put together for the occasion.

Offices celebrated and so did schools and educational institutions.

Away from it all on the beach side, Eint in Darsait a group of women from the neighborhood took a joint initiative and they set off on a project.

Nearly 10 housewives took one week to make national flag inspired project.  That is to wrap the building situated on the beach side of Eint in Darsait so that everyone could see it.   On November 18 they brought their handmade project out to the delight of everyone in the neighborhood. Some children too helped them.  The joy continues to multiply for the community as a drive to this part of Darsait will prove.

Lakshmi Kothaneth & Kabeer Yousuf

image Kabeer Yousuf