Ithraa inks agreement with Ooredoo

Muscat , FEB 3 – Ithraa, Oman’s inward investment and export promotion agency, has signed a partnership agreement with Ooredoo.
“We’re delighted to be working alongside Ooredoo. Today’s agreement provides the framework for our two organisations to collaborate on a number of fronts, all to the benefit of Oman,” explained Ishaq al Busaidy, Ithraa’s Director General of Administration & Finance. “Growing business is an important topic for Omani companies of all types and sizes – and if we look at where that growth is going to come from in the next decade, it’s going to be in exports,” explained Al Busaidy.
“Today, Omani companies rely on a variety of service providers ranging from ICT, data-processing and finance to legal, design and marketing. It’s in our interests to work closely with leading service providers, like Ooredoo, to make it easier for Omani businesses to reach international markets, create jobs and grow our economy as a whole,” added Ithraa’s Director General.
Raed Dawood, Ooredoo’s Director of Government Relations and Corporate Affairs, said: “This agreement has been designed to give both Ithraa and Ooredoo the opportunity to share experience and expertise as well as collaborate on a range of training projects.” “By providing better access to training, information, knowledge sharing and communication, we are enabling companies to gain a competitive edge and thus drive growth in Oman exports. As such, we are delighted to be signing today’s agreement with Ithraa’ and be contributing to Oman’s continued economic growth and success.”