Ithraa gives Oman new marketing push

By Zainab Al Nasseri — MUSCAT: March 1 – In a bid to enhance Oman’s image as a globally competitive business destination, Ithraa, Oman’s inward investment and export development agency, on Wednesday launched a wide range of “promotional tools”.
These marketing materials include the ‘Only Oman’ film, a brochure, and sector-wise briefings focus on tourism, manufacturing, economy, logistics, agriculture and fisheries.
At the launch, Taleb al Makhmari, Ithraa’s Director-General of Marketing & Media, said: “We’ve created these two important marketing tools to help connect the world with contemporary Oman built on proud traditions.”
The film and the brochure, he said, “offer a snapshot of the Sultanate, its welcoming people, thriving business community, rich culture and world-class lifestyle. A place that’s truly unique.”
He said the three products — the film, the brochure and the briefings — are aimed at inspiring business, investors and our partners to consider the significant opportunities Oman presents.
These marketing tools are available free of cost in both hard and soft versions.
942613Al Makhmari said the competition for inward investment is so fierce that we “can’t rest on our laurels”.
“Collaboration is crucial. We encourage our partners in government and business to utilise the ‘Only Oman’ material and sector briefings in conferences and trade shows, websites as well as social media platforms. This will help unify our collective efforts in the presentation and promotion of Oman as an open, attractive, ambitious and forward- thinking nation,” he added.
Sajda al Ghaithy, Ithraa’s Media Director, noted: “It’s important we use a variety of tools to explain what a great place Oman is to visit, live, work and invest in. Drawing talent, investment and high quality jobs from around the world is key to the Sultanate’s sustained growth.”
The Ithraa briefings cover manufacturing, tourism, logistics, economy, as well as agriculture and fisheries, each highlighting the ambitious projects and innovative business ideas driving these five sectors.
“Oman is undergoing a significant business transformation as we develop and bring online new ports, free zones, industrial estates, airports and roads. Combined, these initiatives are improving Sultanate’s international business appeal. All of this is reflected in the marketing material we’re releasing today,” she asserted.