ISG students undertake 14-day Himalayan trek

MUSCAT: The Outward Bound Club of Indian School Al Ghubra organised a 14-day Himalayan Trek for the students from May 24 to June 5. Sixteen students accompanied by two teachers undertook this journey which challenged their physical fitness and tested their mental toughness. After two days of acclimatisation in the Galu Devi area and undergoing training in the use of trekking gear the group trekked by day-and-night to reach Guna Devi.
The next day at Kerreri Village they took on the might of the river which lay in their path and crossed displaying courage and agility.
The days of the trek were filled with daring activities such as rock climbing and rappelling while the nights were spent dancing and singing around camp fires.
During the trek the students were mesmerised by the beauty of Laca Glaciers. There was also time for sightseeing and shopping when they reached town.
The highlight of the trip was the visit to the Dalai Lama’s monastery at Dharmshala.
The trip exposed the students to new hobbies and interests thus widening their sphere of experience.
The challenges they faced during the trek made them understand the importance of team work and helped to build their confidence as they picked their way through the majestic Himalayan mountains.
The students are grateful to their parents and the school management for this opportunity which will go a long way in the overall development of their personalities.