ISG students elected to top positions at WIMUN

MUSCAT: Three students of Indian School Al Ghubra — Siddhant Suri Dhawan, Rupsha Debnath and Aditya Kamath — have been elected to prestigious positions at the WFUNA International Model United Nations Conference 2017 (WIMUN). WIMUN is a flagship Model UN Conference held in New York City that attracts over 1,500 delegates from countries across the globe and is considered to belong to the highest echelons of MUN Conferences held worldwide.
Siddhant and Rupsha have been elected Chairs of their respective committees while Aditya Kamath was elected Vice-Chair, making them the first students from the Gulf region to be elected to these posts. They competed against some of the most experienced and competent candidates across the globe and were democratically elected to their positions by students from across the world on the basis of their MUN experiences and leadership qualities.
As Chairs of their Committees, Siddhant and Rupsha will be in charge of directing the proceedings in their committees and upholding the regulations of the UN.
The Conference will take place from February 1-4 in New York City.
The three position bearers as well as the entire ISG delegation attending the conference will be immersed in the World of Diplomacy and International Relations throughout the four days and will be given an opportunity to interact with youth from across the world and also with the UN diplomats.
The students eagerly await the conference and are confident that it will prove to be an extremely enriching experience for them.
They expressed their gratitude to the ISG family and their parents for giving them this wonderful learning opportunity.