ISG students attend virtual round square conference

MUSCAT: The Chittagong Grammar School, Bangladesh pioneered the first ever Virtual Round Square Conference on February 2 and 3.
The live Barazza or discussion sessions was the highlight of the conference with the enthusiastic participation of 22 schools from all over the world.
The theme of the conference was ‘Less Me, More We — Transforming our Communities’. The delegates from Indian School Al Ghubra — Ananya Kantoor, Aishwarya Harish, Karan Pandit, Unnati Asher, Fathima S M and Amisha Prakash — were in direct conversation with delegates belonging to Punjab Public School, Birla Public School, Vidya Niketan Pilani, Genesis Global School, Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls’ Public School and the host school.
They focused on four main areas — environmental stewardship, serving our community, good citizenship and team building.
The virtual Barazza was steered by the Keynote speaker, Korvi Rakshand’s speech which was live streamed on January 25. Rakshand is the founder of the JAAGO Foundation which works for the betterment of children and Youth of Bangladesh.
The Barazza session of 40 minutes discussed issues on water shortage, women empowerment and leadership.
The enthusiasm of the delegates was contagious and Chittagong Grammar School did a marvellous job of ensuring fair participation among all the schools.
The first ever Virtual Round Square Conference has ignited young minds to think out of the box and stimulated wonderful ideas on how to be responsible citizens and contribute to the building of a better world.