ISFU to review key initiatives, programmes for economic diversification

MUSCAT: The Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit (ISFU), in cooperation with the committees involved in the government programmes and plans for economic diversification in the Sultanate, will review next Tuesday the key developments in the initiatives and projects produced by the National Programme for Enhancing Economic Diversification (Tanfeedh). ISFU will also review its labs set since its establishment as per the Royal Decree No 50/2016.
ISFU pointed out that the economic diversification programme came out with more than 100 initiatives and projects that cover tourism, logistics and manufacturing industries sectors, in addition to two complimentary sectors that include labour market, employment, finance and business environment. It added that these initiatives came as per a strategic trend for each sector namely increasing investments, enhancing contribution to the GDP and creating job opportunities for Omanis through these projects.
ISFU also affirmed that there has been a remarkable progress in these initiatives and projects in some sectors. The initiatives contributed to facilitating business environment and eliminating the difficulties facing investors. This in turn will improve the investment and economic environment in the Sultanate. ISFU seeks to develop a follow-up policy for the implementation of the development plans within the state’s general policies. They also include involving the relevant organisations in developing the executive plans for their different plans and programmes.
ISFU will set up an integrated system for the follow- up, assessment and supporting the development plans and their executive programmes. It will also maintain coordination with the relevant public organisations to identify the challenges facing them and seek solutions through the mechanism that will be approved by ISFU, in coordination with these organisations.
The unit will also study the efficiency of the system for the follow-up of the implementation of programmes and plans that have been implemented by the organisation and develop them in coordination with such organisations. — ONA