Is it possible to earn RO600 a day from business in Oman?

Muscat: Khaled al Harrasi is an engineering graduate who preferred to choose the path of entrepreneurship rather than seeking employment.

Today, his enterprise reports RO600 with a profit of 50%.

“What everyone needs to become an entrepreneur is self-confidence, passion, knowledge of market requirements, and excellence. I started my own business after noticing an empty space in the Omani market like no one provided meat for ready to cook except at affordable prices. My passion led me to fill this void and established my business specializes in making steak from beef, now with daily sales of a maximum of RO600, with a profit of 50%,” said Harrasi.

Al Harrasi, the electrical engineering graduate from the University of Technology and Applied Sciences, said, “The idea came to me after I scrolled through the Instagram program, a Gulf account appeared that provides ready-to-cook meat at a very attractive and reasonable price. So I started looking for the same project in the Sultanate, so I found only restaurants that offer the same service \at very high prices, and then I took advantage of this empty space in the market and started working.”