Invisible yet powerful…

Is it not intriguing how an invisible thing has had an impact on the world’s economy and lifestyle? Nations that are known for their might have been made to sit back and wait for a solution by Novel Coronavirus. It has made us to think again about what we eat and live.
The surgical masks producers probably never imagined level of this global demand. The virus has made us think about how we greet and where to meet. From tourism to entertainment there is almost no area where the impact of the virus has left untouched. Even cloth manufacturers have been left wondering due to the lack of demand in China.
All of this also has taught us great many lessons on how much we actually are interdependent on each other. I remember when they used to talk about global village maybe two decades ago but now we are seeing the true sense of global village because of the journey of the virus to other countries only because of travelling.
From Wuhan in China the virus made its way to maybe neighbouring countries which can be considered natural but it reached all the way to even Iran and Italy and not to mention other countries that also have their share of patients or citizens in quarantine.
It was possible in the millennium because of our travelling facilities and not to mention the frequency pertaining to tourism and business. So it was only natural that virus would not just influence travelling and movement of airlines but also the stock market. It obviously runs on fear and sentiments.
So what has been the fear? Obviously the fear has been because humans are encountering the virus for the first time and the second most fear there is no known method of cure as such other than treating the symptoms.
The good news of course is many have been recovering.
Our fears knew no bound when we rushed for masks, lost patience when they turned out to be expensive; relieved when informed it will be regulated even when Ministry of Health said unless you have symptoms you do not have to wear them. Across the globe where people have been battling the virus people were not shy of covering oneself with plastic sheets or even use bigger bottles — anything to protect oneself from the droplets.
Our reality and priority changed within few days.
We are once again thinking of drinking warm water and consuming more green. Of course traditions have their value but it is may be time for us to understand the importance of balancing with nature.
It is not just nature but us as humans. For whatever reason, Novel Coronavirus did bring in a bit of collective consciousness and maybe more as collective conscience in regard to maintaining healthy practices although some people have gone to the extreme. Maybe we have even begun to practice mindfulness — aware of who is sneezing or coughing. There must have been a psychological impact too especially on travelling and touching surfaces.
We will recover because we have to, even as you read this there must be thousands working on a solution. But the beauty is that the two people who recovered in Oman, who had travelled to one of the effected countries, did not take any medical aid.
They have healed on their own. Maybe now they belong to the group who has attained immunity to this virus? It proves one thing — the strength of our body to heal itself. Maybe it is time we explored on the strength of our body’s mechanism as well as our mind in the path towards healing. We probably counter many viruses whether airborne or on surface but because of our immunity we hardly notice it. There is so much going on without our awareness. Yet this virus called novel coronavirus unseen and unheard (in fact it had to be given an abbreviation with the year 19) made millions look away from
personal preferences, hatred and focus on just survival.
It is known to be less harmful but its dynamism in spreading made it powerful than any protective shield, until people took notice and ran to rely on
a humble mask.
Wash your hands frequently say the experts hopefully after we overcome the strain and increase in the awareness of each other’s welfare, we will extend hands of friendship all over again. Until then a wave of the hand will do and yes do not forget to wash your hands with soap.