Investment in development of people is key to success

What does it take for a multi-division SME to succeed? “We add value”, says Msellem al Harthi, the CEO of MALKS Group (Principle of Change, LLC). “Incidentally, that is also the motto of our company,” adds Al Harthi.
MALKS Group is an Omani company that provides IT services, soft skill workshops and engineering services. The group has a strong focus on its IT services by developing websites and mobile application in addition to software development. The business has been running since 2016 and was started by its founders, Msellem al Harthi and Laila al Harthi.

“We have a strong passion to provide the best services in all divisions of our company and to add value not only to local organisations but further beyond. Our plans include forging strong relationships and partnerships and by consistently executing our marketing strategies.
Our team is highly collaborative and focused on reaching targets. This requires a management style that is open and attentive to every member of the team, so they can deliver the best solutions,” Al Harthi added.
As with any company in Oman, MALKS Group faced its share of challenges. But that did not deter Al Harthi from pursuing his passion. “Obstacles faced by our company include strong competition from companies outside Oman who are providing services at a lower cost. But the IT industry in Oman is strong and competitive. The challenge is to promote our company as a strong competitor that provides the best services in our field,” the CEO noted.
“We have included soft skills personal development as part of our portfolio as I have a strong belief that investment in the development of people is the key to success.
Employees must be able to navigate work-life and the workplace by dealing with a wide variety of personalities. Strong soft skills facilitate navigating those challenges,” he said.
The businessman’s advice to future entrepreneurs is thus: “Study whichever industry you want to enter, carry out research, talk to people and seek advice. Be focused on what you want to achieve,”
Notable projects the company has delivered include a mobile web application for the B2B Oman-Tanzania Roadshow, an Islamic mobile application iPray, maintain and support Oman Tourism Development Company SAOC (Omran) and the Oman University and College Guide (OUCG) mobile application that provides information about the universities and colleges here in Oman.