Insured Omanis in pvt sector top 253,000

Muscat, Feb 22 – The number of insured Omani employees at the private sector stood at 253,300 at the end of January this year, a 3.1 per cent decline compared with the same period of 2020, according to data released by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI). The number of nationals employed by the private sector is projected to surge in the months ahead owing to the replacement and work-related training policies adopted by the ministry of labour. The majority of national employees in the private sector occupy clerical jobs at 56,000, followed by engineering jobs at 55,000, service jobs (42,000) and public administration directors (30,000). As per the economic activities, the construction sector employs 54,000 nationals, wholesale and retail trade (37,000), the manufacturing sector (32,000) and the transport and storage sector (20,000).

The data shows that 68,000 national employees earn monthly salaries ranging between RO 325 and RO 400; 51,000 earn salaries between RO 400 and RO 500; 31,000 employees earn salaries between RO 500 and RO 600; 21,000 employees earn salaries between RO 600 and RO 700; 14,000 employees earn salaries between RO 700 and RO 800; 10,000 employees earn salaries between RO 800 and 900; 7,000 employees earn salaries RO 900 and RO 1,000; 32,000 earn salaries between RO 1,000 and RO 2,000; and 15,000 employees earn salaries over RO 2,000. The majority of national employees are based in Muscat Governorate at 81,000 followed by North Al Batinah Governorate at 45,000, South Al Batinah (42,000) and Al Dakhiliyah Governorate (32,000).

By Shamsa al Riyamiyah