Inspiring fourth tech revolution by providing access to students to technology

“When Omani students are given the tools, proper environment and support, they excelled with remarkable ideas and outstanding execution,” said Eng. Othman al Mandhari, InnoTech’s Founder and CEO during the Grand opening of FebTech Mobile lab held last Wednesday and presided over by Dr. Hamood Khalfan al Harthi, Undersecretary of Education & Curriculum and BP Oman President Yousuf al Ojaili.

Al Mandhari said that “FabTech Mobile Lab is a portable lab that can journey through the Sultanate and visit several schools to deliver workshops using 3D printers. The main goal of this project is to teach and inspire school students from across Oman and give them access to such technology. This opportunity will serve as a platform for them to manufacture mini projects through the mobile lab. It will also visit universities, exhibitions, museums and even malls or parks.”
Al Harthi said that, “The main objective of the initiative is to promote manufacturing and the fourth industrial revolution technologies such as programming and 3D printing in Oman. Delivering workshops in several education institutions will achieve this goal. The project is now active in three governorates; Muscat, al Dhahira and AL Dakhiliyah which are the areas of concession for BP. The whole idea is to concentrate on the culture of innovation. The project targets those outstanding students who have the creativity and required skills”.

“The energy future needs a steady stream of talented people with a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering and math who will continue to drive progress and innovation as well as solve challenges the society might face in years to come. Therefore, BP Oman will continue investing in initiatives such a FabTech Mobile Lab to build a pool of talent that pushes innovation and social progress,” said Al Ojaili.
“FabTech Mobile Lab is a fully kitted fabrication workshop, which gives our youth the capability to turn their ideas and concepts into reality. Our mission is to facilitate hands-on experience and invention of new ideas as well as technologies, whilst utilising problem-solving skills, creativity and imagination in a team environment,” said Al Mandhari.