Increase in young Omani explorers and adventurers

MUSCAT: For those seeking a completely unique adrenaline rush, Oman offers a wide range of activities such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking, navigation and bush crafting, abseiling, diving, snorkeling, kite-surfing, kayaking, canyoning and a lot more activities that can be entered into anywhere — right from high-rising mountains to descending deeps, the serpentine route rising as high as Jabal Shams, the ready to be explored gorges and wadis and the vibrant marine life of the deep blue sea.
In fact in recent times even children have begun to join in the fun, as a growing number of parents understand that outdoor adventure benefits a child’s body as well as mind.
A 12 year old Omani boy recently climbed the Al Jabal Al Akhdar Mountain, just as more parents are continuing to approach adventure companies to organise outdoor sporting expeditions for themselves as well as their children.
“Oman’s vast landscape offers enormous potential for outdoor activities and adventure travel, making it a truly unique destination in the region”, said 945460Maha al Lamki, Managing Director of twenty3 extreme, a leading adventure travel company based in Muscat.
“We have seen an increasing interest in mountain adventures such as canyoning, climbing and caving from Omanis and residents. We feel that it is the versatility of the Sultanate, as well as the feeling of being relatively untouched that attracts adventure seekers from here in Oman and also from countries across the world.”
“My brother and I try and head out often over the weekends, exploring different areas and taking part in adventure activities such as hiking, canyoning and mountain climbing”, explained Nauf Dawood, Deal Advisory Consultant at KPMG.
“We recently visited Al Jabal Al Akhdar on a two-day weekend trek. Prior to this we have gone to several other places such as Wadi Bimmah and Jabal Shams.
“We cannot imagine doing anything else over the weekends or on public holidays, given our beautiful country has so much to offer. Indulging in adventure sports in Oman is actually somewhat addictive — you can never get enough of it.”
“Our country is the ultimate playground for extreme sports, and there are so many adventures to be had”, averred Amir Al Habib, Senior Marketing Manager, Retail Banking Unit from Ahli Bank, whose weekends are packed with outdoor activities that include adventure motor-biking and kite-surfing to name a few.