In this hot summer, Salalah beckons

At this time of the year, everyone is drawing up different plans to escape the hot summer and enjoy their holidays. Families and individuals alike are planning various outdoor activities and programmes trying to make the most of their break.
Some are heading overseas, while others prefer to spend their time at different destinations across the country. It is all based on personal preferences, plans and budgets as not everybody can afford to travel abroad.
However, it’s common to see people heading to different destinations. Most people are having a break from school, work and the hot weather.
It’s also an ‘off-peak’ season for some corporates as people are away on a long holiday. Possibly, life comes back to normal by August or early September, the time when the schools reopen.
Among the popular local and regional travel destinations at this time of the year is Salalah. Due to monsoon and good weather in that part of the Sultanate, Salalah attracts hundreds of thousands of people from within and outside Oman.
Perhaps, people from other parts of the world also head to Salalah for its beautiful weather. Distinctively, almost throughout four months, it enjoys pleasant, cool weather unlike the other parts of the country.
However, this year Salalah has been different; it had a different experience a few weeks ago, when it was struck by Cyclone Mekunu.
Its people experienced a difficult week because of the diverse weather conditions. They had some frightening and uncomfortable moments. Actually, everyone was in pain watching what was happening there.
With the mercy of the Almighty Allah who granted patience to the residents of Salalah and the support from military and Royal Oman Police (ROP) officers, residents were able to overcome the difficulties.
Troops from the military were sent to Salalah in advance. They were equipped with all the necessary machines and foodstuff to help the people of Salalah.
They left no stone unturned to do their best to protect, help and serve the people of all kind and ages as all were in need. They spared no effort in bringing life back to normal within a few days of the cyclone strike. May Allah bless them all.
Thousands of volunteers from every corner of the country rolled up their sleeves to help the people and the military in Salalah. Donations of all sorts were despatched and distributed among those in need there.
The government bodies, corporates, local charitable associations and individuals were brought together to come the hard situation. It was a lesson for all and reflected the unity and accord of all Omanis.
Nevertheless, Salalah is back on track again. The summer is even more attractive this year as it has started earlier and people are really raring to visit Salalah after the cyclone strike. Thankfully, it’s welcoming people as it used to every summer. People have already started heading to Salalah to enjoy their summer break.
As the summer season has just started, taking a break is a must for everyone. This is the perfect time to enjoy a long holiday with family and friends. Regardless of where or how, everyone is enjoying this time of the year in a different way. But, many are eagerly waiting to visit Salalah, the bride of Gulf as some are calling it.
Have a wonderful and entertaining summer vacation.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami