In Pics: 10 new projects coming up in hospitality sector

Muscat: Ten new projects are coming up in the tourism sector with massive investments for establishment of hotels, hotel apartments, tourist resorts, and camps as well as restaurants in various governorates of the Sultanate of Oman. The Ministry of Tourism has signed renewable long term contracts for the use of tourism lands for investment in the projects meant for meeting the ever-growing demands due to the development in the tourism sector.

Mohammed bin Ahmad al Madhani is investing in the project of a three-star hotel at Madha in Musandam governorate. The hotel, which will come up at a cost of RO 3 million, will include 89 rooms, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a mini-playground and multi-purpose hall for events such as weddings, conferences and other community activities.

Khalid al Wadahi of Wilayat Qaryat, is an investor in an environmental resort project, which would come up with a cost of Ro 16 million. It will be the first eco-tourism resort in the Sultanate of Oman. This will comprise of accommodation facilities in the natural environment.

The resort has been designed to include 80 hotel suites overlooking the waterfront perfectly integrated with the Omani architecture and environment.

Ali bin Mohammed Al Harthy, is investing in the project of establishing a luxury tourist camp in the Wilayat Al-Qabil in North Al Sharqiah. It will cost R700,000 and includes 57 different types of luxury and classic family rooms, in addition to other facilities required by tourists such as a health club, horses stable, a place for camels, swimming pools, green grounds, a children’s playground, a place to practice archery, and a hot air balloon ride.

Said bin Obaid Al-Darmaki from the wilayat of Shinas is making an investment in a three-star hotel which would have 77 rooms across seven floors and would have other facilities such as restaurants, gymnasium, bowling alley, conference halls and recreation areas. It would cover11,460 square meters of land granted by the Ministry of Tourism under usufruct system.

Mohammed bin Khairallah Al Balouchi, an investor from wilayat Bakhba of the Musandam governorate, said that his project was for the establishment of an environmental resort which would be first of its kind in his wilayat.  The three-star resort would have a market, restaurant and gymnasium, as well as swimming pools and 36 chalets. The entire project would cost RO2 million as there are certain challenges in developing a resort in the area and its designing.

Nasser Hamad al Sarimi, a member of the board of directors of Nakhl National Company, said that the first agreement is for establishment of a three-star hotel in wilayat Nakhl if South Al Bathinah governorate. It will have 48 rooms of different standards, as well as some chalets with all faculties required by tourists.

He said that the second agreement was for the establishment of a restaurant complex opposite the hotel, as all of them would have a wonderful view overlooking the road leading to Al-Thawarah fountain known for its hot water, location and scenic views. He said that the hotel and the hotel complex was a major addition to the wilayat as it is considered first hotel of this standard as well the tourist restaurant complex.

Ahmad bin Isa Al-Meshani who is making an investment in two-star hotel apartments in Salalah said that the project is located in an area of 2,5570 square meters which would have 22 hotel apartments, restaurants and multiple tourist cafes. It would cost more than RO 370 thousand. The time for  of implementation it would require would a year and a half.

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