HR forum exhorts entrepreneurs to tap new opportunities

SALALAH, May 30 – A forum on trainers and HR consultants discussed the economic challenges being faced by almost all the sectors in Oman and GCC countries. The discussion involved experts from human resources, training consultants, private and public sector financial institutions and government advisory bodies. The forum organised by Al Wataniya, exhorted the participants to seek opportunities during the difficult times and look for new areas which were yet to be tapped but held immense value if explored properly.
The event got active support from government’s advisory and financial bodies like Riyada and Al Rafd Fund, which are responsible for promoting entrepreneurial growth and advancement among the citizens of the country.
Three papers were presented during the proceeding of the forum that discussed wide range of economic issues and
exhorted the young generation to be enterprise oriented.
The forum titled ‘Trainers and HR consultants challenges and opportunities’ was chaired by Iqbal Yousuf al Balushi, CEO of Al Watania Consultants. He called for an integrated approach in finalising and executing a project and put stress on a proper timeline to ensure success of any project.
The papers presented during the forum discussed about an insight into ‘Training and training market in Oman, its challenges and opportunities’; ‘Digital marketing new opportunities and challenges’; and ‘How to become a professional trainer having local and international insight.’
The idea behind organising the forum, according to Al Balushi, was to raise the level of trainers in Oman fulfilling the needs and requirements of “21st Century organisations and dealing with the government’s programmes very seriously… We at Al Wataniya concentrate on building human resources from recruitment through and skills development. In this respect we are uniquely placed to provide a ‘full commercial service’ to our customers in Oman and abroad.”
“There is a need to create a team of highly skilled senior executives with wide range of experiences to support organisations throughout the Gulf and other countries,” he said.
Jauhara Al Zadjali, Director of the forum, put stress on developing HR and Public Relations practices as per the norms best suited for the country. “The idea here is to let the entrepreneurs know how to run a human resource (HR) department. The first three years is very crucial for any new enterprise. At the same time this is the time to lay a strong HR foundation. Here lies the importance of training and trainers.”
She put stress on proper HR training on how to set up new departments, company’s manpower requirements and new recruitments based on the rules of Omanisation etc.
The forum had a panel discussion on ‘Trainers as training consultants, an overview and better opportunity.’ Participants from Al Rafd and Riyada liked the idea of holding the forum in Salalah and exhorted other participants to get benefitted from discussions, which involves experts from different business fields.

— By Kaushalendra Singh